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Parliament: Subtitling & Sign Language on Television

logo-deptculturemediasport.gifA question in parliament around subtitling on television:

Rosie Cooper (PPS (Mr Ben Bradshaw, Minister of State), Department of Health; West Lancashire, Labour)

What steps are being taken to ensure that television programmes are accessible to deaf children—and deaf adults, for that matter—through more comprehensive subtitling and sign language for programmes?

Andy Burnham (Secretary of State, Department for Culture, Media & Sport; Leigh, Labour)

I do not know whether my hon. Friend was present in the reception in the House last week at which we marked the successful completion by the BBC of 100 per cent. Subtitling on all programmes —a condition and requirement laid down in the Communications Act 2003. Other public service broadcasters are currently reaching about 90 per cent., I believe, and I hope that they will follow the BBC's lead and work towards 100 per cent. subtitling. Watching TV and enjoying programmes at the same time as other people is an incredibly important part of ensuring that there are no barriers and no discrimination in our society. I pay tribute to the work of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, and indeed of my hon. Friend, on this issue.

Comment from Alison:
I've commented on this issue before, so I'm not going to repeat. Firstly, it appears that the government is doing its own media spin here, and advertising a success. Both MPs are from the same party, etc and it almost looks like an act to show its being inclusive / pat itself on the back. That's me being cynical.

However, why does the RNID take sole credit for the issue of subtitling, and give impression to MPs that this work is their sole doing? I'm sure lots of unpaid deafies burning midnight oil for decades, would be downright pleased that up to £100k salaries (who've been in a job a few months or years, tops) bag the glory. It lacks integrity.

They Work For You

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