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Royal National Institute of Hearing: Imagine a World Without Money

RNIHLogo.pngA new website by the Royal National Institute of Hearing (RNIH) has been launched.

Its theme, "Imagine a World Without Money".

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Comments (9)

It's an excellent spoof site and I see that it have a blog so I expect we'll see more articles in the future there and I've subscribed for this reason. I urge you all to do the same - you can see the blog here - http://www.rnih.org.uk/news

While we can see that it's a spoof, we can also see that it does carry a very serious message about the organisation that it's mocking - RNID - it's all about making money at expense of deaf people with their all-hearing management and limiting the opportunties of deaf people in their career advancement.

The top management at RNID earn a massive amount of money, and they all are hearing. The rest of the SMT are quite well off too and they are all hearing. Only when we come to the low-paid jobs do we see deaf people being employed and not in a position of "power" where they could influence changes etc, but instead are told by their more senior hearing collegues what to do.

This is injustice and plain wrong and it's about time someone created a site to highlight this and to mock RNID's claim of "changing the world for deaf people" which they do precious little of. To the creators of RNIH - much respect to you! I shall spread the word about this new site and get as many people as possible following it. Thanks.

Your expertise was never in doubt, your humour still needs work, but good on you for having ago... makes a change from boring politics....

Excellent comment, Bob, I couldn't have put it better myself. Here's a few a few facts about RNID's all hearing senior management team:

In 2006, 3 employees were on £60,001 to £70,000, while 2 were on £70,001 to £80,000 and 1 was on £90,001 to £100,000.

However, in 2007, 5 employees were on £70,001 to £80,000, 1 was on £80,001 to £90,000 and 1 was on £100,001 to £110,000.

Some people are doing very nicely out of this charity business, but it's not the designated beneficiaries!

It is almost like the old boys' network. I have once been inside Strachan and Livermore's houses. They were very nice and certainly on the privileged side - almost straight out of the Country Life. But who is paying for this? Granted they had already forged successful careers before but who is sustaining this?!? I can't see a Deaf person every getting into the higher echelons of RNId unless you are really really exceptional and born with good fortune of being in the right place, background and in the right circle.

And there is no 'old boys network' amongst the deaf ? C'mon...

I'm impatient for your next posting really - haven't you got another website to unveil on us all already? What's taking you so long, this is crucial work for deaf people!

Well said, Chris, I agree!

Even if no new websites come into existence, I hope the RNIH one will go from strength to strength with timely and topical updates.

Using new websites and spoofs like this is, as Chris says, crucial work for deaf people because it promotes our right to autonomy and raises valid objections to deaf people being used as charity cases.

Hopefully one day this crucial work will lead to deaf people being allowed to administer their own affairs rather than RNID pushing in and doing it for us.

@ Chris / anyone else - sorry for the lack of blog posts, I've had RSI which has meant I've had to cut down on my computer use drastically. This has meant blogging has suffered. I'll try and play catch up, and hopefully things will calm down pain wise.

I just tried the RNIH link and a 'reported attack site!' warning came up.

I do hope that RNID are not trying to gag deaf people again.

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