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Video: BSL March 2000

Here's a trip down memory lane, a video by Usher Life of FDP's BSL March 2000:

I think this march have around 10,000 people (am I right?) In the footage, spot Jen (the co-author of this blog), being bossy via her co-ordinating duties. There's also footage at the end of Doug Alker, and Clive Mason MC; however the umbrellas sort of get in the way!

Does anyone else have any footage of BSL marches, or past demos?

Usher Life
Usher Life egroup

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Comments (2)

I was there! ;-) Great to see the march again.

And I imagine there's folks out there that keep going on about that there's no such thing as a "Deaf Culture"...sigh, they're missing out the poor saps...

@JGJones - So we could have actually met?!

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