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Parliament: Police Forces & BSL / Lipspeakers

Cheryl Gillan (Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Wales; Chesham & Amersham, Conservative)

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department which police forces have procedures in place to provide British sign language interpreters and lipspeakers on a 24-hour basis for deaf people requiring assistance at police stations; and what steps her Department has taken to facilitate police force compliance with the requirements of the National Agreement on Arrangements for the use of Interpreters, Translators and Language Service Professionals in Investigations and Proceedings within the Criminal Justice System, as revised in 2007.

Tony McNulty (Minister of State (Security, Counter-terrorism, Crime and Policing), Home Office; Harrow East, Labour)

This information is not currently held centrally.

All chief officers of police have been issued with guidance on the use of the National Agreement.

ACPO is aiming shortly to write further reminding forces of interpreting requirements for those requiring lip speakers and British Sign Language services. This is being done in partnership with the Office of Criminal Justice Reform, who are preparing an additional leaflet of guidance in respect of deaf people in the criminal justice system.

They Work For You

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I did a few lipread jobs for the SAPD & OCSD. Anyways got the convictions and sentenced to 90 yrs prison. The guys lips were easy to read though and they got it on video so I didnt have to risk my life sitting near them to get what they're saying. And the reciprocity is quite decent.

Lipreaders Rule!

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