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2009 New Years Honours

The 2009 New Year's Honours List has been published [PDF].

The relevant Orders of the British Empire in relation to deaf people are:

Members of the British Empire (MBE)

David Charles BULLOCK
Electronic Workshop Engineer, Institute of Hearing Research, Medical Research Council. For [original blank]

John Francis CARBERRY
Training Officer, Royal National Institute for the Deaf. For services to the community in Northern [PDF blank, assume Ireland]
(Newtownabbey, Antrim)

Ms Jennifer SEALEY
Artistic Director, Graeae Theatre Company. For services to Disability Arts.
(London, E8)

Ask the Readers:
Again what do you think of the honours system? Is it worthy, and should e.g. services to deaf people be vetted by deaf people themselves?

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Comments (2)

Great idea..we should have our own honours list AND come the raw prawn list.

About time hearies got rated by us!

I guess if Deaf people were to vet the honour list then it would also have its same contradictions of being politically bias would it?! I would loath allowing a political BSL right winger to nominate as to make a political statement. How can this be overcome?It has to have some creditability.

I do feel this system has lost its meaning for what it is worth nowadays.
I know of the many deaf champions who still have not had a mention. I guess the fault lies with all deaf, deafened and hard of hearing in not sending their views / feedback to No 10 giving the names of the people who have done good sterling work in the community.

I tend to find that those deaf people who got the award have been nominated by our hearing peers. If a deaf person nominated a deaf person then this gets questioned and set aside. It is most interesting about this concept and one question why.

I am puzzled to why our government feel it is difficult to award deaf people on merit the work they do but give it to our hearing peers who have sucked up our intellectual propriety our deafness.

Enough said to this addled system of corruption.

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