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Four Deaf Yorkshiremen and the Missing Wife

Last weekend was Deaffest at Wolverhampton. Premiered at the event was Charlie Swinbourne's Four Deaf Yorkshiremen and the Missing Wife:

The four grumpy old men (no relation to us!) are arguing over the women they've loved and lost. Written and directed by Charlie Swinbourne, the film was made with the support of Remark! Production and stars John Smith, Matt Kirby, Jonathan Reid and Ilan Dwek. A soundtrack composed by Steven Brown, make-up by Kate Ardern and Matt Brown, while the Farmbrough family providing the location.

The film can also be seen on YouTube, in two parts here and here.

A copy of the dvd is available for purchase, by e mailing fourdeafyorkshiremen@gmail.com - it features photo gallery, posters, trailer and the chance to watch it without subtitles (sign language only). Proceeds from the film will support the production of the next film.

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This kind of reminds me of That Championship Season - four middle-aged dudes getting together to talk about the past.

This is hilarious. More!

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