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Deaf People at a Higher Risk of Heart Disease & Stroke

heart.jpgThere's a video report on the BBC website, which explains that doctors have found that deaf people are at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. (BSL/English Interpreted only - no subtitles, sorry. Go and complain to the BBC). The reporting is from Sandwell, West Midlands.

Deaf Info: Physical Health
What happens when a deaf person has a stroke? [PDF]
What were the results of the Deaf Stroke Project? [PDF]
How can a stroke affect a deaf BSL users' communication abilities?
Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Deaf Adults And Risk of Heart Disease
Deaf Wise (Scotland) Final Report [Word]
Sandwell Deaf Community Association

Photo credit: Pink Sherbert Photography under CC

Comments (2)

I rather suspect the primary issue, is appaling access to health areas, many GP's still refuse to offer deaf people access....or limit consultations so issues are not picked up, to save money, so deaf become unaware of symptoms, and health pros unable to diagnose properly. I was told direct "This practice cannot afford the fees charged by BSL terps..." The cost of access needs to be met nationally and not thrust at small practices....

We need a 'Pool' of terps 24.7 I've advocated it for years no-one takes any notice. I suppose it could be construed as symptoms progress unaddressed, deaf get more stressed out, stress can trigger strokes. With few deaf clubs and people going to them, the issue is they cannot utilize that area to raise awareness with the bulk of deaf people now. We've had similar surveys that suggest deaf people's eyesight is more vulnerable too...

grump grump the BBC should stand shamed...
what had happened to their deaf advisors at the BBC poo pah!!

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