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Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

This isn't strictly a deaf related post, but it has an underlying point. One around what society classes as "normal", and how it strives to perhaps push towards medicalisation of those people who fall outside that category. To pull them into the majority's perception of what's acceptable. Refuse treatment and you're shunned; society almost pulls in parameters on what sorts of people it finds acceptable and who needs to be cured. It begs a central philosophical question: what sorts of people should there be, and who has the right to determine this? Do you see any parallels?

A tongue in cheek (captioned) video on drugs for the cheerful:

Obviously mimicking how depressed people might get treated, yet its supposed polar opposite. By looking at other groups, especially via humour, there is an opportunity to learn and see things another way. Maybe some people in deaf organisations might start to get it!

What Sorts of People

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I totally agree and enjoyed the video immensely! :-)

It'll be a good idea to mention that one can switch on CC in the video itself so that they can view it with subtitles - I was up to the halfway point before I realised I could check for CC in YouTube!

Excellent video from The Onion as usual :)

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