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Hear and Now - More4, Tuesday


More4 will broadcast HBO's Hear and Now (USA) on Tuesday 10 March 2009 from 10pm - 12 midnight. You should be able to catch it on More4 +1 from 11pm - 12 midnight (again on Tuesday).

Here's a trailer (subtitled):

There is a longer trailer here, but its only subtitled when deaf people are speaking. Can someone please explain, why hearies must only have subtitles for the bits they cannot understand? Does anyone see the irony here, a programme about the dilemma around cochlear implants, hearing people are being exclusive and its small wonder why people get pushed into a corner. For the thousandth time to all hearies out there, if you're going to produce media about deaf people and make money off it (or even a stick deaf content on YouTube); at least have the ethics to make it accessible to deaf people. So we can join in the conversation. This should be a no brainer and non negotiable. (Someone might want to submit the video to SubPLY for captioning, if you do, please post the link below).

An extract from the programme's synopsis:

Both age 65 and deaf since birth, husband and wife Paul and Sally Taylor led rich lives filled with jobs, hobbies, passions and the support of a devoted four-generation family, including their own three hearing children. Pioneers in the deaf community, Sally worked as a teacher and a college secretary and lent her expert lip-reading skills to law enforcement investigations, while Paul, an engineer and retired professor, helped develop the TTY, a widely-used telecommunication device for the hearing-impaired.

When the Taylors announced just before retirement that they planned to get cochlear implants - a breakthrough technology that could restore their ability to hear - their decision was met with mixed feelings by their daughter. "After this surgery, who will they be?" she asks. "Will they still be deaf people, or hearing people, or will they be something in between? What if the implant doesn't work? What if one of them can hear and the other one can't?"

You can read the rest of the synopsis here.

The interview with Irene Taylor Brodsky worth a read. Within this she admits, that the film is only superfically about cochlear implantation but around intimacy.

Beyond that, having not seen the film we can't comment. The synopsis, trailer and even the poster seems is written with a hearing audience in mind. Does anyone know of any US blogs that commented on this after broadcast (especially with a Deaf slant), that we could link to?

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HBO: Hear and Now

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