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Parliament: Implementation of NICE Cochlear Implant Guidelines

babycochlear.jpgJohn Heppell (Nottingham East, Labour)

Last week, I attended a celebration of the Ear Foundation, which is a charity that was set up to fund the first cochlear implant procedure in the city of Nottingham. Now that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has decided that it is a good idea for profoundly deaf children to have implants for both ears, can the Secretary of State tell me what he is doing to ensure that primary care trusts listen to that advice?

Dawn Primarolo (Minister of State (Public Health), Department of Health; Bristol South, Labour)

The recommendations from NICE with regard to implants must be complied with within three months of the guidance being issued, which was 28 January. PCTs are required to do two things. First, they must make available the funds for clinical decisions to be taken on the patients who should receive that treatment. Secondly, where there are patients who have already been treated but would now benefit from the NICE recommendations, they must ensure that a proper assessment is made of whether they should have that treatment provided to them.

Comment from GOD:
"Good idea", says whom?

They Work For You

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NICE Guidance: Cochlear implants for severe to profound deafness in children and adults
Ear Foundation

Photo credit: bjorn2008 under CC

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The sheer arrogance of RNID is duplicated in the house.

What deaf people know about deafness is brushed aside and replaced with what hearing people infer about deafness from their ignorant perspective.

The triumph of the medical model over self-determination.

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