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Report on World Audiolgocial Devices Market

money.jpgThere is a 366 page report available on the World Audiological Devices Market. In other words, how much money there is to be made from flogging CIs and hearing aids in aid of making us normal. Sorry, an investment opportunity and a chance for the wider world to go and make some moolah.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Audiological Devices in Millions of US$. The major product segments analyzed are Hearing Aids ...., Measurement/Testing Devices ...., and Cochlear Implants. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2000 through 2015. The report profiles 116 companies including many key and niche players worldwide ....

So this "Global Strategies Business Report", purports to provide information such as market trends, "Potential Addressable Market for Cochlear Implants", "Handful of Players Dominate the Marketplace", "World Long-term Projections for Cochlear Implants by Geographic Region". And so it goes on.

With a desire to make money pushing (a) who deaf people should be, (b) communication processes, (c) what sorts of people society does or does not find acceptable. Some of you might slam me for typing that, after all we're all free agents and no-one is obliged to do anything. Especially when free market economics comes into play.


The bottom line common sense dictates with multi million pound investment opportunities, comes agressive marketing. There's a whole difference between marketing a chocolate bar or the newest laptop, than technology that has the ability to oppress and possibly change the boundaries of who people are. With that comes statements as to who society finds acceptable and who not.

So, you're interested in this report? Of course you are! You want to know how these business people are selling us, and how they see us as a basic commodity. Right? Good news, you can buy a copy, from here for the princely sum of €3,560.00.

Yes you read that right.

Somehow I think they'll deny us a free copy, so we could blog their analysis of the market and potential strategy for the next six years. Bottom line: there's a world out there that sees us as commodities to make money. An investment world that has probably never even met a deaf person, nevermind knows how to communicate. The frame of reference is their retirement age, and shareholders going along with means to attain this faster.

Us cynical? Never.

PR Inside: Reportlinker Adds World Audiological Devices Market Report
World Audiological Devices Market

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Photo credit: Steve Wampler under CC

Comments (7)

YEP, they are marketing our Deaf souls for their more dirty to make more $$$$$ for themselves to live a very comfortable life while we mostly deafies are having the plight of suffering for nothing. . Scoffs!.. Hearing devices are very dangerous to human being that needs to be heard now.
I must add this Medical bills that costs us unfortunately that they damaged/abused our mental and physical health after all we wore hearing devices that is not healthy noise for us to hear. They knew better but dont know anything about our being deaf and deaf ears works.

http://deafnotes.com/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=74&page=1 ("The Harm of Noise Pollution for Human Health") and there are few mores about how much dangerous to deal with noise pollution after all deaf people do not realize that in many ways. I found it s very interesting No one cares and bothers to bring it up that makes me feel that too many people are too much denial to keep the fact into a coffins and locked it up. So I am the one who is willing to open the true fact and told the truth before it comes out the real evidences that I hand it on Deaf table.
I appreciate your hard work to make it effort to share with us about this money market issue that ripped us off all along. :)

Thank you. :)
Deaf SweetMind

wow. thanks for this information! I haven't checked the link about buying / getting that report. 3560 Euros to buy it? Who buys it? If so, why? again, this is very very important information! Thank you.

@Ella - anyone buying it would be doing so with the view of an investment opportunity. If you have €3,560.00 to spend on an investment report, then you are looking to make at least this amount plus more (for a profit). That amount is around USD$4,800 at today's exchange rates.

Two immediate groups come to mind:

(a) companies looking to do business in the audiological devices market. Someone has done the research for them, and the information what business opportunities there are. It would identify market gaps, and with it business opportunities. (The report would be a good thing to attach to a business plan, to get a loan from the bank). If you're familiar with business, it could contain a SWOT and PEST analysis, as a starting point for you to tailor to meet your own business needs;

(b) major investors (stock brokers, fund managers). The latter, perhaps managing pension funds or some other investment scheme. They would be on a fact finding exercise, and perhaps would want to know the answer to the following:

- what is the risk of my investment?
- what likely return (profit) would I get?
- how much will the market expand in the future? Will it continue to emerge?
... etc.

In the US perhaps part of an investment portfolio for say Roth IRAs.

For the UK, maybe whoever manages your ISA where you've taken out a stocks and shares component, or as investment as part of your pension fund.

Investments would be major, you don't spend that amount of money on a report to make a couple of quid (dollars). These would be serious investors, looking at thousands if not millions, by way of return.

Very excellent comment Alison! Make senses. Thank you Alison. :-)

Would it be cheaper to become a shareholder and obtain this report on the free a la Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall/Tesco saga?

@saltbar - you make a good point. Have thought for a long time about buying one share in Cochlear (and other major audiological device outputs) just to get the financial information. Then blog it here. It would also allow you into shareholder meetings too, and ask awkward questions (send some Oz Deafie along, if proxy is allowed).

Cochlear trades on ASX, as COH. One share costs in the region of AUS$50 which is about £25. Repeat for other companies, etc.

The other point, technically Deaf people could form a collective group - Deaf investment group (of course then you get into financial regulation) - and invest. If every single Deaf person brought one share (via investment), in theory they could become the majority shareholder in one of cochlear corporation. Now that would be sweet justice. But then what? Other thing, it would kind of go against all rules of investment? Is there such a thing as investment as activism? A financial company might be knowingly encouraging people to *lose* money in this instance. If you get my drift. Thus would it come under the financial rules - methinks not, the world likes money, economies and whatever ... it wants to perserve those ethos.

Re the above report. Don't think they would readily hand out though, as (a) its been compiled by a third party (copyright, that fee is for one copy only - can't photocopy) and (b) the above report has a wider scope than what one company is concerned with / what you would be entitled to access as a shareholder.

Don't think companies give detailed reports of their competitors to (minor) investors?

Check out this half year report for Cochlear, March 2009 [PDF].

"Cochlear Limited ... announced NPAT [net profit after tax] of $69.9 million for the six months ended 31 December 2008, representing a 22% increase from the first half of F08 (previous corresponding period).

Total revenues were up 19% to £355.2 million. Sales, excluding FX [that's currency] contracts, were up 22% to $346.9 million."

It seems their biggest hurdle is currency, which they hedge. i.e. when doing overseas trade, currency goes up / down, which impacts the business. They can get into future trades, i.e. fix a rate in advance which is favourable to them, by guessing the market.

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