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The Rebuttal: Deaf, British and Sex

The Rebuttal (an Australian blog) pens some thoughts on deaf people and sex, and for extra measure mentions the reserve because they are British. That lethal mix lends it to being quite funny.

Here's a snippet:

If you are deaf and about to have sex with someone for the first time you can, if you want, leave your hearing aids on. Many deaf will chose to leave their aids on rather than suffering with the embarrassment of fumbling to take them off. Hearing aids are a bit like underwear, the last part to go and usually taken of hesitantly and self consciously.

BUT they can sometimes ruin the ambiance. Sex is exercise and inevitably you sweat. At the crucial moment WEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOEEEEEEOOOOO and I guarantee any hearing person who knows nothing about hearing aids and their tendency to whistle at the wrong moment will quickly flick on the bedside lamp and want to know, “What the hell is that?” Cue the heavy breathing. “pant ppant .. just my hhhhearing aaiid.”

Then of course you have partners who like the ears. They like to nibble the ear or slosh their tongues about in the ear. A rubber ear mould and electronic device is not really conductive for this sort of sport. On goes the light and the red faced partner will apologise, “What ever was I thinking, I am so so sorry“ One particularly keen partner after tasting rubber (in my ear) did this and then asked if I would, “Like some music to set the mood again.” More apologies ensued and I think we gave up about that time and decided that sleep was the best option.

Go over to The Rebuttal to read the rest.

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