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You Neutral?

And you still claim you're not political, or not bothered?

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Good vid!

Amy, the oral deaf, scenes was a painful reminder of what I was like before. I thought that was a good depiction and showed that, no matter how good your lipreading or hearing aids, meeting new people can still be fraught.

@saltbar - saw this video a while ago, meant to blog it, forgot about it, then it reappeared. Hope it registers with many people, they do have a reason to be political. Fed up of people saying their 'apathetic', despite in reality they're going to experience many barriers.

Anyway, I agree re oral deaf. Thing that hit me, years ago - go to a meeting, couldn't understand the hearing people speaking nor the interpreter. No man's land, middle ground. The social situation thing went on for a few years too, and in certain shades I might still get it. i.e. I didn't go to a deaf school, thus (a) don't get invited to in crowd ex-deaf school events and (b) belong to some in crowd. I'm not hearing either.

Oral deaf...that's me too.

Primary school - considered good enough to not be in PHU so in hearie class. No BSL.

Secondary school - oral education. No BSL. (This is MHGS)

Uni...suddenly in hearie world and was extremely isolated. Wasn't an oral education supposed to "prepare" me for that? Nope...it just gave me an education, but not how to deal with real world. Deaf club? Wasn't welcome (they didn't kick me out or anything, but let's face it. I can't follow signing. I can't follow hearies in a pub.

However I'm never the one to bend over and take it, so I learnt BSL and stopped being isolated. THe video of the oral deaf is so painfully true. As was the rest of it as have been in those situations too.

It is broken my heart if I rejected to oral person as such similiar with Amy;s situation.

Deaf and Oral people left out by hearing people or rejected their job applications.

Why anyone always say " Me Neutral? I feel that something like I am only one reason why I became victims by job discrimination. File EEOC,

Most of deaf or oral people doesn't want to sue to company through EEOC. Instead of file against the company and go to low incomes legal service and Get some help through. You can find your hometown and Get some help to suing your company So, Disabitities law office do help you with a legal service. Please file EEOC. Go to www.eeoc.org

Most of deaf or oral people doesn't want to sue to company through EEOC. Go to www.eeoc.org

Honesty I really hate to hear by deaf comment always say " I Neutral?" No one willing to vote for your job as you abused on Social Security Disabtiles Law always win. .. I hate to get a social security Income Disabities. I feel stupidest by hearing people like to abuse your label!

Deaf Pixie

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