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Film: Voices from El-Sayed at Bristol

Voices from El-Sayed (Israel) is being shown at the Watershed, Bristol on Saturday 9 May 2009 (1500).

You can see the trailer here:

The presentation is described as:

The Bedouin Village of El-Sayed has the largest percentage of Deaf people in the world. Through generations a unique sign language has evolved as the primary communication in a society that accepts deafness as natural as life itself. That is, until the village's tranquil coexistence between Deaf and hearing is disrupted by Salim's decision to dramatically change his Deaf son's fate through a Cochlear Implant operation. Presented in partnership with University of Bristol's Centre for Deaf Studies, the screening will be followed by a discussion on the issues raised in this intimate and moving documentary. BSL Interpreters will be present.

This is the only place we know of that this film is being shown in the UK. Limited tickets, so if you're interested hurry up and book

UPDATE: BSL version is now available,

First Hand Films: Voices From El Sayed (aka A Snail in the Desert)
Book tickets for Voices From El-Sayed @ the Watershed
Event on Facebook - New film: Voices From El Sayed (A Snail in the Desert)
Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol
Voices from El Sayed, Fan page Facebook

Comments (7)

hi, great to see this post, thanks :-)

as i'm one of the people responsible for organising the showing i just wanted to add a few lines...

the film has no UK distributor, so has had to be organised to be shown with the independent cinema (Watershed Bristol).

it won't be showing nationwide, so this really is a one-off chance to see it in cinema.

the film has been made in a unique way, there will be a lot to discuss afterward.

a bsl description of the film has been done we are just trying to get that onto you-tube or somewhere it can be viewed by public :-)


Do you know whether there are plans for this to be released on DVD in the UK? I'd love to see it but unfortunately I live many miles away from Bristol. Thank you for the heads up!

I am keen to watch this but Bristol is a bit too far off my patch for a cinema screening. So I've asked Derby Quad (similiar set up to the Watershed) if they can borrow it and screen it. I did ask nicely. :-)

Wow. The implications of this -- way too many to think of! Will be interesting to see how this affects the way of life there. Disgusting to see how the CI people went in and actively SOLD the CI to these people!

Where there's money, there's greed. Whilst I understand the principles of free trade, and market economics (motivation, exhange of trade, etc) ... when market economics is permissable as a sphere to change people or culture, the result? Its like some form of market forces ethnic cleansing. This in the hands of a majority with power (hearing medics) ....

Check out the arrogant white medic in the film who gets in there, "A child who is born deaf, can grow up like a normal child".

Hello? Largest concentrated deaf population in the world, thus everyone signs. There's a large sign language community. Why aren't they normal already? People just fall for marketing crap, and there's glossy marketing there because there's money to be made. And who is he, as a hearing person to go there and start making statements around normality. You comply to our way of life.

Already the trailer for some reason reminds me of stories of how aboringal peoples have been treated. :-|

However, I should reserve judgement until I've see the film.

hiya, just wanted to add that part of the event of the film showing is the discussion afterward that is open to the general public (of which there is so little about on an issue so important to the community). i don't know whether the film is being made to DVD for public sale. cheers. steve

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