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Wicked Episode 1 Online


In case you missed it, the first episode of BSBLT's Wicked is now online. You can find it here (27 minutes 6 seconds).

Wicked is described as:

Wicked is a brand-new TV series presented in British Sign Language (BSL), which sees the Wicked Campervan travelling around the UK in search of stories in the Deaf Community.

You can of course catch this on television too, check the programme schedule.

Congratulations to everyone who got this off the ground.

But! I have one gripe. This is BSL money, it has been taken from money intended to provide in-vision interpreters and access for BSL as a language. No-one has taken any subtitling money away, and redistributed it via some pot.

Therefore, why the embedded English subtitles? If you are going to raise the status of BSL as a language through television, why pull that status down by the insistence of embedded English subtitles? Don't get me wrong, if people who don't use BSL want access fine, but provide another video with subtitles, or the ability to turn the subtitles off.

However, don't get away from the fact you're using BSL funding here. You don't see English subtitles that must be embedded into say Welsh language programmes. Or English as a killer language must be delivered on French spoken programmes. What is the difference? Why are we having English subtitles forced on us? I want to access a programme in one language: BSL. In the same way as I can pick to watch a programme in Welsh, and no English. End of story.

UPDATE: You can now view episodes via the programme page (as well as the Community Channel).

Deaf Jet Ski
Community Channel

See also:
BSLBT, Wicked TrailerOfcom's response to a formal complaint around lack of BSL consultation

Comments (2)

For once, your use of the term “subtitle” is accurate, since the titles are a translation. The other words you are looking for are “open” and “closed.” This video, if I understand you correctly, has open subtitles and you wanted closed subtitles (or just a separate unsubtitled version).

I assume, though, that if any sound effects or music or what have you should take place, you would insist they remain unrendered? Because these are subtitles we’re talking about, not captions.

@Joe - I appreciate your interest and work in this area. However, I'm concerned by "for once your use of the term subtitle is accurate". Should you be telling people in other countries how to use English, to your standard? Is it not arrogant to do so? "For once", it smacks of talking down.

Note, as far as I'm aware no-one uses the terms "captioning" or "captions" over here. UK English is a bit different from that used in North America. I'm willing to discuss otherwise, but not in the manner as above. :-/

Sound effects in music, and subtitles. In this instance, I certainly would not want them. They will have only been provided as an addition, to make the video more tolerable for hearing people who want to watch something presented in BSL. The music isn't central to the mood of the plot / theme, and an afterthought. Don't forget this is a programme produced in BSL not as a "deaf" issue, but to satisfy language output. cf. the arguments around minority languages. If there is central music, then I would want someone to tell me via BSL - its a BSL programme. You wouldn't introduce English into a French programme.

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