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Dr. Adam Kosa: First Deaf Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

adam%20kosa.jpgDeaf lawyer, Dr. Ádám Kósa has won a seat at the European Parliament! Here's the result (its in Hungarian).

He represents FIDESZ (here's the Wikipedia page in English on FIDESZ (Hungarian Civic Union)).

All I am capable of saying: bloody fantastic news, history has been made! Way to go, Ádám, congratulations! :)

UPDATE:: EUD has some pictures of Ádám's election victory. There is also a video on Facebook, however its in spoken Hungarian.

See also:
European Parliament Elections: Dr. Adam Kosa

Facebook: Adam Kosa for first Deaf European Parliamentarian!

Comments (7)

I was very thrilled when I heard the news from a French man in Paris on Facebook today. That debunks the theory of Aristotle and St. Augustine of Hippo as well as ruins the fun of audists, including those at AGBell!

That's a great thing. a huge milestone - a leap -

into what Jean Houston describe - a Jump Time for the world deaf community.

Thanks Grumpies -

It's time deaf stood for political representation, however I voted UKIP which means I, along with many thouands of others do not want part of European represnatations. I'd rather see deaf HERE addressing issues HERE, using 'back door' european approaches just makes the anti-euro lobby more angry, and that will reflect against the deaf rep there. Representation like Charity should start at home.... Deaf rep will be up against TWO BNP People, as well as a number of Brit UKIP reps ! South wales had 37,000 voting against Europe... and 17,000 voting for the BNP !

MM - the EU was set up to stop war. After two world wars, to lock economic systems, and to create systems to promote harmony. Europe is an incredibly diverse place, and after 50+ years of working together we're already proven that (a) we're not diluting cultures and (b) its a good strategy towards peace.

UKIP is party of veiled racism. As for the BNP they totally disgust me. Why would either want to go to the European parliament anyhow, its full of bloody foreigners(!)

Those people who voted in this manner, just pissed on the graves of those who fought WW2. Those people who were apathetic enough not to vote at all, aren't too far behind. BNP vote went down this election, however, due to a low turnout they walked it into two seats.

Taken directly from the BNP constitution: "is wholly opposed to any form of racial integration between British and non-European peoples".

Any form. So that means you are never allowed to talk to anyone outside Europe again. You aren't allowed to travel outside Europe, because that would be a form of integration. Forget about your holiday in Florida. Forget about going to Australia. Forget about safari in Africa. (And yes I'm deliberately going for superficial tripe here, just to hammer home on a very level to those who just think about ME!)

Now, who do you trust more to decide who you should mix with: (a) yourself or (b) a politican? By voting BNP you've just effectively surrendered trust in yourself, liberty, and whatever .... and handed it to a politican to tell you what you can or cannot do. That includes who you have freedom to marry. A politican is a politican, whatever party they belong to. And handing liberty or vesting power into one person, on how you live your life, doesn't ring a million alarm bells, we seriously need to do some talking. BNP is harmful to everyone, and attacks everyone.

And if anyone agrees with me, that BNP is really not the way to go. Please sign this. Not in my name.

Well politics is rough ! I don't vote BNP, I'm well aware they are outright racists, but SOMEONE in the heart of ethnic living areas in England voted two of them in, one of the BNP reps is reputed to have suggested disabled people be put down. Deaf should be OK they don't recognise deafness as a disablement ! I don't agree the UKIP is the same thing with a different name. we saw the same in Wales with medias painting Plaid Cymru as England haters and bombers too if you recall, none of it with foundation.

The European thing is a bone of contention the entire UK, at a number of points 78% of Brits wanted out of it, that number has gone down, but the majority still want out, or at the very least control taken back to British government with complete veto powers. It's a demand for Britain to be run by the British, if people will see racism in that, then they will also see racism, in America for the Americans.....

The bugbear is Europe imposing laws on Britain via unelected and faceless commissions. So your 'deaf' representative is supporting a non-democratic federal system, forget the deaf thing, look at his politics, he's a politician now. People were quick enough to point at the UKIP and call them all sorts. Europe for anyone who has been away from planet earth for the last 200 years, started BOTH world wars too....

One could well ask also why most Europeans DID NOT VOTE and stayed in bed, are they as unimpressed with Brussels as we are I wonder ? Lol Tories have won seats in Wales after 90 years, so us Welsh tossed a coin ? which of those thieving and fraudulent toe-rags pinched the least ? we'll vote for them DOH !

Dear Dr. Ádám Kósa.Ma Bravo brave glad to be well for the future development of deaf nembru surzi.Eu name Anthony Nelu Counsellor Oradea Romania in the area please ask .... we need future I want to go deaf conference in November but paltit EUD or free accommodation, but very issue tickets Romania is budget money ... sadly miss Romania deaf life ... Thank you and respect!

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