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Queen's Birthday Honours 2009

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2009 has been released. I can only find one deaf related honour:

Order of the British Empire
Members of the Order of the British Empire

Philip Norman SAUNDERS
For voluntary service to Hearing-Impaired People in Bath.

Who is he? If you know, please leave your comments.

Other possibilities, but more generic:

Order of the British Empire
Members of the Order of the British Empire

Ms Kamini GADHOK
Chief Executive and Professional Director, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. For services to the Allied Health Professions.
(St Albans, Hertfordshire)

Ms Alison Patricia MCCULLOUGH
For services to Speech and Language Therapy in Northern Ireland.
(Newtownabbey, Antrim)

Ms Janet Grace Macfarlane SCOTT
For services to Speech and Language Therapy in Scotland.

Comment from Alison: So when is the Honours system going to start acknowledging real diversity?

DirectGov - 2009 Queen's Birthday Honours List

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Comments (7)

How do people get these honours? Are they nominated? Head hunted?

If the Deaf community could come up with a list of worthy nominees and put them forward, perhaps we would see more Deaf OBEs, etc. ?

Not that Wales recognises gongs given out by Germans in London palaces but... I WAS rather miffed at being passed over again. The only reason I want to be nominated, is the kudos of saying no really.. So long as deaf people recognise each other, who needs 'Royal' assent ? All these 'therapists' getting gongs doesn't make us look good does it.... rewards for helping those poor deafies.... to TALK !

Question: why people who are paid for what they do and just doing their jobs, get honours?

I want to see honours go to activists, or people who continually challenge the system. They are the only people who change the world, conforming to the status quo won't do that. Which is what I really meant by my comment on inclusion of real diversity. It seems that honours are given for people who toe the line.

@Ian - you reckon the establishment will reward someone for blocking a road aka unlawfulness, to get themselves heard.

Yes there's more than one way to skin a cat. However, don't honours naturally go to people can already access society? E.g. you are able to access some volunteer role (which the establishment deems important enough), you have complete access to climbing the ladder career wise, etc. Deaf people are more likely to be outside the net, and because they are on society's fringes, then does the honours system reward this?

If you want me to come up with someone, how about Dr. Paddy Ladd? He's done lots for the Deaf community, no? He's written a book, which explores a different model (Deafhood, years of activist experience behind him). Whether people agree with him or not, he's offered a very viable alternative. However, because he exists from a fighting stance - would the establishment recognise him? Would a deaf organisation even nominate him? Or do we just award speech therapists, et al? I don't think it would be able to deal with it, because its not conforming enough.

On a seperate but somewhat related note, watch the Iran elections unfold on Twitter. That's an extreme but very example of ordinary citizens having to stand up for what they believe in, against threats of violence and being killed.

Would someone like Paddy Brown be accepted for an honour? Good question and I don't know.

But I do know that he definitely won't get an hounour if nobody nominates him.

How many deaf people get nominated by other deaf people in the community? Very few, I suspect.

Perhaps you could use this blog to compile a list of worthy nominees and put them forward for next year?

Philip norman Saunders who is he???
Philip norman Saunders, secretary of the Green Park Centre-based Bath Deaf and Social Club, sacrificed his luxuriant beard and head of hair to raise money for deaf ...
www.deaftoday.com/news/2003/09/hairraising_eve.html -

And another reference to Philip Saunders.
13 Jun 2009 ... Philip Saunders, who lives in Bristol, has been made an MBE for his voluntary service to ... He is a committee member of the Bath Deaf Club. ...

Hi - just come across your article by accident and thought I'd leave a comment about Philip Saunders.

He is profoundly Deaf BSL user who devoted his life to improve the quality of Deaf people's lives in Bath area on voluntary basis. (This dispels the myth that all people who are awarded are the ones who are paid for doing heroic work that they are recognised for). RNID 1 in 7 interviewed him (he's in the current issue) - I hope BDN will follow suit.

It is believed that the community in Bath has nominated him - it is really lovely to see him and his work being recognised (he is actually my father by the way!) He may not be highly visible as Dr Paddy Ladd but I'm very proud that he is on the honours list as he has done this all his life (he will be 70 next year).



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