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Waiting For The World To Change

Some of you will have seen this before and it has a USA slant, but gets a point across: D-PAN's Waiting for the World to Change.

D-PAN: Deaf Performing Artists Network

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I saw 'No captions available' and am now waiting for THAT to change.... I don't feel these things are accessible enough to carry the message.... certainly NOT to the people deaf want to hear them. This is about deaf TO the deaf. Non-awareness.

Oh come on.... the song is being sung vocally as well as in sign so I think that's pretty accessible for most people. And if there are bits that a hearing person misses, then that might just be a tiny little lesson....Learn sign language for starters!

I appreciated sign language for what it is but what bug me is sign arts.
One has to know in advance what particular "sign art" is in relation to the songs - one can guess what is being said but never sure what is actually said. Morever, if you know the song great you know how to see the sign songs but if you do not know the song then it harder to know and appreciate it. Hence the caption may help mirror understand the sign better - as long as it is side by side and not opposite ends. I beleive the more access in place the better for all over us - stop the d/Deaf political fight

As for vocal deafies cannot "hear" well enough.

I know my signing but not fluent enough since it was too late for me to take it up having experience oral bashing in my earlier years ok! so dont have a go at deafies who find signing difficult if you please!

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