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Deaf Families Featured in a Government Parenting Campaign

Two videos has been produced by and for Deaf parents in the UK as part of Everyday Adventures in Parenting; with the support of the Parent Know How programme from the Department for Children, School and Families.

My Favourite Day: Lending a Hand. Deaf parents Louis and Paula get involved in their children’s school life (4 minutes 12 seconds).

Moving on Up. Two Deaf families find that after school clubs have allowed them to find new jobs and make the most of existing ones (5 minutes 8 seconds).

Its good these videos have been produced, and portrays the families involved in a positive light.

More videos have been made, and can be found here. However, before you all rush off and click onto the link: I don't see any of them being accessible.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, however, if the government is serious about inclusion it has to make accessibility part of its tendering outputs. No exceptions. Its really not okay to just subtitle two films that feature deaf people, and exclude deaf people from the rest. To do so, is breaking the law. If these films were made accessible, then that would be great.

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Have you submitted a complaint to DCSF? What did they say?


Hello. Mutt & Jeff Pictures made these 2 films for COI. We are a Deaf led TV and film production house. www.muttandjeffpictures.com
We have made some great films for National Deaf Service regarding mental health issues in Deaf children and young people. Also, we are busy working on an online health questionnaire for SignHealth - using comedy sketches to keep Deaf people answering the health questionnaire right to the end - which will be vital in making the health authorities aware of specific Deaf needs when accessing the NHS.

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