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Dr. Ádám Kósa: MEP's Fighting the Underdogs

Deafies are now the underdogs! A programme that features Dr. Ádám Kósa, relevant bit starts at 15:10.

Some interesting comments by Brussels, that they now need to think of 24 languages instead of 23. Hopefully Ádám's presence will start to make them think of sign languages a bit more when it comes to policy.

MEP Profile: Ádám KÓSA

See also:
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I small step for the deafie, one backward step it is in Europe ..... I'd question deaf people here should be supporting the European Parliament at all... why hasn't Jack Ashley or Malcom Bruce signed in Parliament ? Both claim to support the deaf...

Hi there,

I just want to says that I noticed from the beginning of the above link " Deaf and Mute MEP Kósa Ádám on subtitle ........He is mute, eh ? No, He's deaf, that it !!!

@Noelle - I agree, but when I've worked in Europe amongst hearies the word seems to crop up in English translation. I've often wondered if its translation to blame, no alternative word in other spoken languages or plain wrong terminology?

Something for the deaf rep to sort out eh :)

Yeah, Maybe, it could be the translation. !!! :-)

Yeah.. maybe the tranlsation might be the one .....

What an inspirational pair of videos! I could almost cry. Really proud to see sign languages being used in such important places.

Shouldn't it be 46 languages not 24 languages? i.e. each country has its own sign language?

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