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Helene Jarmer: Sign Language in the Parliament of Austria

Here's a video of Helene Jarmer using sign language in the Republik Österreich Parament (Parliament of Austria):

Cool! Now where's sign language being used in the national parliament of your country?

Das österreichische Parlament

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Comments (7)

The problem is WHO Understands that outside the Euro ? and where is the titled access ? I thought the Euro people were hot on that ? Access surely should have been in ALL the languages the Euro uses..... One day perhaps maybe the deaf will understand each other ! I know Americans say they don't watch BSL vids because they have no idea what is being said. Ditto we don't watch theirs in ASL so where is this sign access heading ?

MM - its aimed at people in Austria. Its probably in spoken Dutch too. It is the Austrian parliament, not the EU!

We don't ensure that our Westminster parliament or Welsh Assembly proceedings are available in French, German, Italian, etc. And we hardly have the right to go preaching to other countries re what language they should be using.

For the record, I understand very little about what she's going on about but that's not the point. She's using sign language in a national parliament, that's the deal. Now when are we going to see sign used in say, Westminster or Congress in the US.

Shows my ignorance of the euro I suppose, but my true Britishness ! anything 20 feet from Dover is foreign country..I should think not, Wales would supply access to Europeans ! you'll be telling me next we are in Europe lol...... (We turn up for the gravy train, little else, Kinnock and Wife made 2 million in expenses)...

I think Congress HAS had a signer in there pitching ? the yanks will tell us. We need to tell off people like Malcom Bruce and Mr Ashley both plug deaf issues neither sign anything, and one IS deaf. I am that frustrated with representation even I'd vote for BSL if there was nothing else.... But i supect what they say is more important than how they say it, I feel sure the Austrians did not vote her in on her signing abilities or to plug equality, but her politics... I'm dubious of Austria a bl;oke wiv a didgy moutsache came from there and caused no end of trouble :)

I think the chances of a BSL MP are millions to one actually, most dedicated BSL people are not au fait with hearing or many topical issues, it's why the hearing never vote for them. This austrian seems to be street-wise.

My dear MM (Yes, I say "Dear"). LOL! Many thanks for sharing this video of Helene Jarmer signed before the national Parilament which surely make deaf people around the world very proud of being deaf! :) *waving hands*

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

@RLM - to clarify, MM doesn't write for Grumpy Old Deafies. He just comments here. However, if you wanna think he writes these posts ... don't mind me. :)

MM wrote: my true Britishness ! anything 20 feet from Dover is foreign country..

Do the British forfeit the fishing rights already? What about the famed chips and fish?


He's Welsh so his fishing territorial claim can only extends as far as Lundy Island :-)

The famed fish and chips? We are starting to get our fishes from New Zealand cos of overfishing in the North Sea. I really would like to see "End of the Line" film.

Sorry this is off topic. Hoorah for Helene!

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