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How You Can Support the Italian Deaf Community

As I have previously blogged, the Parlamento Italiano (Parliament of Italy) tomorrow holds a crucial debate/vote on whether sign language is recognised in law as LIS (rather than LMG). See links at the bottom of this post, if you need to catch up.

You can help by:

1. Write to the Italian Parliament direct. Note there is not much time, debate is Tuesday 24 May (CEST). You can modify other letters or the petition wording.

  • Go to this webpage
  • Click on the 'Scrivi al deputato' for each person (contact that person)
  • 'oggetto' means subject matter, so you would need to put: Riconoscimento della lingua dei segni italiana (LIS)
  • Next box, put your e-mail address
  • Add the text of your letter to the bigger box
  • Send and repeat for the other contacts

2. If you are outside Italy, please sign this petition. This petition will be handed into the Italian Embassy in London on Wednesday. Also when you sign the petition, an automatic letter is e mailed to the Italian Embassy.

3. If you want to contact the Italian Embassy in London direct, the e-mail is: ambasciata.londra (at) esteri.it

4. If you are an Italian National, please sign this.

5. Attend the protest at the Italian Embassy in London on Wednesday. More details here.

6. If you are in Northern Ireland, or indeed Ireland there is a protest at the Italian Consulate in Belfast. More information here and in BSL.

7. If you're in Dublin, there is a Vigil outside Italian Embassy at 1600. More information here in English and ISL

8. 'Like' LIS: SI - LMG: NO - La nostra preziosa Lingua dei Segni Italiana on Facebook.

Please show the Italian Deaf Community your support. No LMG, forza LIS!

See also:
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