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Note from Terry Riley, Chair BDA to those Protesting

Note from the BDA Chair, Terry Riley:

24th May 2011

To all you who are marching today


The British Deaf Association is appalled, at the proposed new change in the wording of the legislation being discussed by the Italian Parliament today.. It is not only an insult to sign language but to the Deaf people throughout the world who have fought many battles to get our indigenous sign languages recognised by governments The European Parliament has officially stated and this was reaffirmed only last November In Brussels, and it also reaffirmed and has long since been proven and recognised worldwide that sign language is a language the same as spoken languages. And just as any spoken language, it has its own structure - syntax, linguistics, synonms and morphisms. It’s a rich and living language. To call it anything otherwise is a travesty and a dishonor to all those that use sign languages as their first or preferred language.

TO all those on the March my sincere thanks and appreciation, my only regret is I am unable to join you as I am attending the EUD GA in Budapest, my heart, mind and souls is with you all

Terry Riley
British Deaf Association

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