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BSL Recognition Timeline: A Work in Progress

I pulled this BSL recognition timeline together some years ago. If there's anything missing that should be added, please say something and I will add it.

16th Century – ‘Survey of Cornwall’
1644 – John Bulwer, 'Chirologia'
1878 – International Congress, Paris
1880 – International Congress, Milan
1975 - Term British Sign Language coined by Dr. Mary Brennan, Moray House in a seminal paper, "Can Deaf Children Acquire Language"
1970s - NUD campaigns [someone needs to assist here, before my time]
1982 – BDA’s Deaf Awareness Week – Manifesto
May 1987 – Public Statement, by BDA
19 October 1987 – Press Release from BDA
26 October 1987 – BDA Press Conference, held at the House of Commons
26 October 1987 – launch of BDA Report “BSL: Britain’s Fourth Language”
1992 – Publication of Dictionary of BSL/English
Exact date unknown – BDA Sign Language Policy Statement
June 1999 – FDP BSL March, London (national)
3 August 1999 – Margaret Hodge writes to FDP
19 October 1999 – A Statement of Opinion, National Assembly for Wales
6 December 1999 – Margaret Hodge writes to FDP
16 February 2000 – Scottish Parliament debates BSL Recognition
1 April 2000 – Tom Levitt MP introduced an adjournment debate
May 2000 – Government DRC to make recommendations.
18 May 2000 – UKCoD meeting Bert Massie asks for recommendations
20 May 2000 – Nottingham FDP organise BSL march in Nottingham
10 June 2000 – Local FDP BSL March in Birmingham
8 July 2000 – FDP BSL March, London (national)
12 July 2000 – UKCoD Meeting to discuss BSL Recognition Submission
1 September 2000 – UKCoD submission to DRC
4 October 2000 – RNID submission to the DRC
October 2000 – UKCoD Bulletin "Recognition of BSL”
7 October 2000 – Bradford BSL March
12 October 2000 – Signworks Launch: Tom Levitt touches on BSL Recognition
14 October 2000 - Bristol BSL March and Recognition
14 October 2000 - RNID Celebrity Chat Show, James Strachan’s Wish List
23 October 2000 – EU: regard sign language as artificial
31 October 2000 – DRC advises the government, and makes recommendations
8-14 January 2001 - The Big Issue article, 'Let Your Fingers Do the Talking'
13 January 2001 – Lancashire FDP BSL March
24 January 2001 – MP wins Euro wide backing for Sign languages
February 2001 – UKCoD Bulletin: to report the BSL Recognition document
24 March 2001 – Manchester BSL March
7 April 2001 – Wolverhampton FDP BSL March
7 April 2001 - Arrrest of six people at Wolverhampton following a road block
21 April 2001 – Brighton BSL March
21 April 2001 - DLF protest after the march (road block)
23 May 2001 – Wolves Six: Magistrates Court, Wolverhampton
8 July 2001 – FDP BSL March, London (national)
7 August 2001 – DRC writes to Maria Eagle, Minister for Disabled People
13 October 2001 – Cornwall BSL March
13 October 2001 – Newcastle Upon Tyne BSL March
2 November 2001 – House of Lords: British Sign Langauge
5 December 2001 – Scottish Parliament: European Year of Languages (BSL)
December 2001 – Maria Eagle asks for a meeting Deaf organisations
31 January 2002 – Representatives meet Maria Eagle
October 2002 – BDA launches campaign for BSL recognition by local authorities
November 2002 – Malcolm Bruce appointed Raporteur to the Council of Europe
16 December 2002 - London Borough of Lambeth recognises BSL
19 December 2002 – MEP amendment adding sign language to e-learning
2003 – Scottish Parliament: Report on Scottish Languages
14 January 2003 – Birmingham City Council recognises BSL
February 2003 – DRC produced its draft guidance on BSL/English Interpreting
13 February 2003 – Welsh Assembly, Equal Opportunity Committee: BSL
20 February 2003 – Scottish Parliament: Education/Cultural Policy Minority Languages
18 March 2003 - Government recognition and £1m for British Sign Language
24 March 2003 – House of Commons, British Sign Language Motion
1 April 2003 – Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
9 May 2003 - BDA Conference: Charter for BSL - towards BSL recognition
8 July 2003 – FDP BSL March, London (national)
4 October 2003 – Bradford BSL March
10 October 2003 – “Deaf pupils win signing assistance for Sats”
6 November 2003 – DWP: Invitiation to bid for the £1 million
10 December 2003 - DWP BSL Information Day [on the funding]
20 January 2004 - Deadline for submission of bids to the DWP
4 May 2004 - DWP announcement for allocation of £1.5 million

Note: I have obviously not included any additional information above, including who did what, any comprehensive list of publications, the policy directions for various organisations including FDP, DLF, regional marches, BDA, UKCoD and the RNID. Or indeed my personal perspective from that time. It is outside the scope of this blog post.

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Which just goes to prove the BDA declaration of BSL rights years ago was nothing of the sort. It is plainly obvious the BSL user is still fighting for very basic acceptances, and the law doesn't recognise an automatic right to BSL, not in health, and not in education either. As you said on twitter "Why only now are British deaf showing an interest in BSL ?". The negative 'spitting dummy campaign is insulting to deaf people,and has descended into sheer chaos, deaf just do not have the dedicated people. You say it is outside your scope to comment ? If you don't who else will ? You were right on Twitter.

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