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Who got the £1.5 million BSL Recognition funding?

So today supposedly ten years since BSL was "recognised". I have a lot of thoughts which I am not going to detail here. However, I keep getting asked who got the £1.5 million BSL recognition funding, following the government's announcement in 2003. I have this information in my own archives and notes but part of this is also archived online here.

Initially only £1 million was allocated but this was increased to £1.5 million following the bids. The announcement who got the funding came on the 4 May 2004. The money was awarded to:

British Deaf Association
Centre for Deaf People Leicester
Centre for Deaf Studies - University of Bristol
Christian Deaf Link
Consortium of Assessment and Training Providers
Leeds University
National Deaf Children's Society
UK Council on Deafness Consortium

The members of UKCoD's consortium were:

Birmingham Institute for the Deaf
Cambridgeshire Deaf Association
Cumbria Deaf Association
Deaf Direct
Hampshire Deaf Association
Leicestershire Centre for Deaf People
Norfolk Deaf Association
North Wales Deaf Association
Nottinghamshire Deaf Society
Royal Association for Deaf People
Sense (The National Deafblind and Rubella Association)
Sign .. The National Society for Mental Health and Deafness
Suffolk Deaf Association

And Alex Maxwell (DWP) stated at the time, following a FOI request:

A total of 26 compliant bids were received. The 16 compliant bids which did not receive funding were from the following organisations: Small Heath Community Forum Ltd (Deaf Asian Group); British Deaf Association (submitted one bid which received funding); Council for Advancement for Communication with Deaf People; English Federation of Disability Sport Operating Company; Deafax; Harrow Association of Disabled People; Heriot-Watt University; Hertfordshire Business Centre Services Ltd; Jackson & Jackson; Living Options Devon; Mouzer Associates Ltd; The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (two bids); SignPost at Tyne Tees Television; The Sussex Deaf Association (The Sussex Diocesan Association for the Deaf); West Norfolk Deaf Association.

So there you have it.

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