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We are Grumpy, we are Old (well sort of) and we are Deaf! The following is a disclaimer:

1) We at G.O.D. do not have any religious connections.
2) We do not apologise for having our own views.
3) We also do not apologise for being grumpy... or Deaf... or old.
4) We will not respond to any requests for apologies. Sorry.
5) We will post in both English and BSL, and perhaps international sign, if we feel like it.
6) We will do what we feel like, not what we are told.
7) We will be crazy.
8) We will complain a lot.
9) We will probably annoy you. Remember, you do not have to read/watch this!
10) Above all, we at G.O.D. promise to tell the truth at all times.

Thank you!

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