July 16, 2009

Norwegian Commercial: Deaf Metal

Norwegian commercial with English subtitles:

If you've ever worked or been involved with a deaf organisation or group, you'll know the old typo error: Dead Society, Institute of the Dead, Society of the Dead.

A quick search, gives me death metal but I did find some webpage called Deaf Metal (its sound based, no point in visiting unless your ears work). Will leave the hearies figure that one out.

March 13, 2009

The Rebuttal: Deaf, British and Sex

The Rebuttal (an Australian blog) pens some thoughts on deaf people and sex, and for extra measure mentions the reserve because they are British. That lethal mix lends it to being quite funny.

Here's a snippet:

If you are deaf and about to have sex with someone for the first time you can, if you want, leave your hearing aids on. Many deaf will chose to leave their aids on rather than suffering with the embarrassment of fumbling to take them off. Hearing aids are a bit like underwear, the last part to go and usually taken of hesitantly and self consciously.

BUT they can sometimes ruin the ambiance. Sex is exercise and inevitably you sweat. At the crucial moment WEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOEEEEEEOOOOO and I guarantee any hearing person who knows nothing about hearing aids and their tendency to whistle at the wrong moment will quickly flick on the bedside lamp and want to know, “What the hell is that?” Cue the heavy breathing. “pant ppant .. just my hhhhearing aaiid.”

Then of course you have partners who like the ears. They like to nibble the ear or slosh their tongues about in the ear. A rubber ear mould and electronic device is not really conductive for this sort of sport. On goes the light and the red faced partner will apologise, “What ever was I thinking, I am so so sorry“ One particularly keen partner after tasting rubber (in my ear) did this and then asked if I would, “Like some music to set the mood again.” More apologies ensued and I think we gave up about that time and decided that sleep was the best option.

Go over to The Rebuttal to read the rest.

March 4, 2009

Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

This isn't strictly a deaf related post, but it has an underlying point. One around what society classes as "normal", and how it strives to perhaps push towards medicalisation of those people who fall outside that category. To pull them into the majority's perception of what's acceptable. Refuse treatment and you're shunned; society almost pulls in parameters on what sorts of people it finds acceptable and who needs to be cured. It begs a central philosophical question: what sorts of people should there be, and who has the right to determine this? Do you see any parallels?

A tongue in cheek (captioned) video on drugs for the cheerful:

Obviously mimicking how depressed people might get treated, yet its supposed polar opposite. By looking at other groups, especially via humour, there is an opportunity to learn and see things another way. Maybe some people in deaf organisations might start to get it!

What Sorts of People

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January 4, 2009

Private Eye Cartoon

Private Eye, 12-25 December 2008 (Page 9) carried a cartoon featuring an in-vision interpreter on his cigarette break:


Communications Act 2003 and s.303
Ofcom: Signing on television is changing
Ofcom: Statement - Television Channels Required to Provide Television Access Services in 2009

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Ofcom's consultation for signing on television ends today

September 30, 2008

New British Deaf film coming soon!


Hooray, another BSL film in the pipeline... click here to see photos from the filming.

Know of any more British Deaf films being made? Please tell us - we like to know these things!

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The first Four Deaf Yorkshiremen film

May 16, 2008

Royal National Institute of Hearing: Imagine a World Without Money

RNIHLogo.pngA new website by the Royal National Institute of Hearing (RNIH) has been launched.

Its theme, "Imagine a World Without Money".

Ask the Readers:
What do you think? Throw us your thoughts in the comments.

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April 29, 2008

Deaf BSL Gorilla

We may be grumpy, but we still wish there was more stuff on YouTube etc like this bloke's video:

More BSL funnies, please!

Know of any? Tell us!

March 17, 2008

b3ta: Car logos for the deaf, a time wasting Friday afternoon site, recently published on its boards "Car logos for the deaf"

Petrolheads, how many do you recognise?

via JK - thanks!

February 1, 2008

Two Things To Read Today

We all know how long Friday afternoons can be sometimes. So, if you want something to read, why not try TigerDeafie, Dr Steven Emery's cool new blog. Nice photo, Steve!

Or you can always have a laugh over the uproar over the Thai Prime Minister's sign name. Oh dear. Some cultural chasms cannot seem to be bridged, no?


November 13, 2007

What is going on?!

What I'd like to know is which bright spark at the RNId came up with the downright offensive idea for an Ear of the Year* competition?!

"Ears are beautiful and amazing things and we think they have been neglected for far too long! So we've launched a search to find the UK's sexiest ears," say the RNId.

Well, I disagree! In general, I find ears rather weird to look at. Let's face it, most ears are just funny shaped bits of skin, mine included. Sexy? I don't think so. I'm much more of a fan of hands or eyes, myself.

And if your ears don't work, what's meant to be amazing about them?! Mine are useful for holding my glasses on, but that's it.

Haven't the RNId got anything better to do other than encourage people to take photos of their ears, and me to type grumpy blog posts during my lunch break?!

For heaven's sake.


* The red bit is a link. Click on it!

September 29, 2007

Finally! A vlog! In honour of International SL Day...

A rather un-grumpy vlog, featuring Jen, her runaway dog and some trees...

English script:

It's International Sign Languages Day today, and I thought I would vlog from my corner of the world, just to show that, indeed, there are sign languages all over the world.

So here I am in the middle of nowhere - AKA Yorkshire - quite near my house. It's kind of over there somewhere... can you swivel the camera please?


Great, thank you. Oh no, the dog's running off! [LOL] Happy International Sign Languages Day! Oh, one last thing...


August 19, 2007

Put your clothes back on!

Oh dear. The naked signing newsreaders have had their funding pulled... perhaps that'll teach them not to use SL as a way to make money!?

On another note, however, I disagree with pornography in any form... BUT if people want to make Deaf-accessible porn, shouldn't they be allowed to? And if so, is it fair of the Japanese Government to exclude porn from their access funding criteria? Does anyone care?



July 27, 2007

RNId = The New Google?


Well, you never know what they know.


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July 19, 2007

Have we missed something?

Got this from Deafweekly:


A Japanese TV program that combines nudity and sign language made headlines this month when it was revealed that the program is subsidized by the government. Paradise Television Inc. was given about 150,000 yen ($1,231 US) to help pay for sign-language translations of “Hadaka no News Station” (Naked News Station), said The Mainichi Newspapers. The money funds a five-minute segment in which Miyabe Fujino gradually sheds her clothing while presenting the news in sign language. “I generally welcome sign-language translations for TV programs,” said Japanese Federation of the Deaf official Mitsuji Hisamatsu, “but it’s questionable to provide a subsidy for this particular program.”"

The question that must be asked is... why?

(I get the Deaf-hearing-equality-in-nudity argument, thanks... just.... why?!)

- jen

April 29, 2007

Bush explaining Iraq policy to Republican deaf signers?


The Sunday Times carried this picture and caption at the back of its News Review section, asking what Bush was doing, in satire style. Deaf people came into it:

Another day, another slightly embarrassing picture of President George Bush. But what is he doing here? Is it:

a) Dancing in the garden of the White House to promote World Malaria Day
b) Explaining his new policy on Iraq to a conference of Republican deaf signers

c) Frankly, it's anybody's guess

Without not wishing risk coming across as if I have no sense of humour whatsoever, I wonder if this devalues ASL? Its portrayed alongside other non serious options to be mocked at? Why isn't a Republican conference delivered in ASL a perfectly valid option (thus not make people laugh)? Or is it the concept of Bush using ASL something we are meant to be laughing at, as too far fetched? Whilst he's not using ASL, why would the use of make it "slightly embarrassing"?

April 17, 2007

Voicing over BSL, by a monolinguist

Yesterday I blogged about subtitling the hard of hearing way. Adam Buxton also produced a voice over for a BSL/English Interpreter, as he understood it (not understanding BSL):

Deafies won't get the voice over, so a friend has transcribed it (thanks, C!), here goes:

Rob, she had a handle on her chest, a special pack of cards and a nail through her hand. Her breasts were badly unbalanced and her finger was bent back. She was stroking a very uneven cat, which she put into a zip-pocket on her arm. She saw her breasts pop out and shouted, "No!" She got into a fight with a man in a suit, who was drinking champagne, wearing a bib and a bowler hat. She opened a big book and snapped it shut it on the man's fingers. "I didn't like having a book shut on my fingers!" said the man, "You're a rotten person and I hope your nipples fall off, and also, you smell." "Wait", she said, "on your shoulder there's a man's head. He's got a goatee and I think it's Jesus. Do you want me to stab him in the neck with a fork?" "No way!" said the man, "Think about it. Why would I want you to stab my own head with a fork?" "Because it's teeny weeny and made of paper." said the woman. "That's enough!" said the man, stamping her passport. Twice. He broke a breadstick and jabbed it into the palm of her hand. She couldn't take any more and said, "Stop! My breasts are very hot. I ate something weird today and now my breath stinks.

Judging by the comments left, hearies appear to find this very funny. This is how much people who can't sign get BSL, or rather not, and possibly what's going on in their minds as watching a terp. Reading that, my brain really is not wired up to get it: the BSL of course, makes perfect sense.

April 16, 2007

Songs of Praise, subtitled the hard of hearing way

Adam Buxton subtitled a hymn as it sounds or looks to the hard of hearing:

Hearies seem to think its funny judging by the comments, and probably a good way to get a point across via humour. What hymn is it anyhow? Or are they really singing as the subtitles read? :-D

Via A Welsh View.