August 16, 2007

Deaf: a choice before incarnation?

A totally different post from me this evening. Was pottering around online, stumbling on this blog and entry (via Steve Pavlina).

A reader asks this initial question:

Question: You mention in your blog entry, Picking Our Parents and Life Circumstances, that people choose the circumstances of their life. I was born deaf. Did I choose to suffer with this disability? Does everyone who is born disabled choose it ahead of time? Was it karma that made me this way?

Go over to Erin's blog for the answer. This is not my forte, nor about to run down this path. However I want to bring it up here as I seem to have had four different conversations this week over identity. Specifically, others wanting to look at materials around exploring the same. More about this in another post, however I wondered if any of this could throw any ideas around the way we perceive ourselves.

There's an interesting analogy relating to video games. If you're given or created a certain character at the start of the video game, you go with it. Deaf included. You just see it as an interesting life to lead, and just an interesting variation as opposed to something that needs to be cured or get frustrated about. I'm sure many of us have had the thought, "If I was hearing, what would I do (with myself / complain about / lack perspective etc)".

... you could choose a disability like being deaf, blind, or diseased. Why would someone choose this? For the experience and lessons you would learn that are unique to someone with such a condition.

Would you be afraid to give your video game character a handicap of some kind? Probably not, because you know it’s just pixels on a screen; the real you is intact and perfect.

Are pressures to change down to external or society forces, as opposed to being truly innate?

Also, if you're into that belief system, there's an interesting thing about some people choosing a certain incarnation and others where it is not planned. Perhaps for those people, it would explain the cultural / cure divide?