December 10, 2007

... And how does eugenics relate to Deaf people?

Check out Philippa's BSL vlog posting here... interesting stuff! She's also done some international sign vlogs. Nice one, Philippa.

- Jen

December 7, 2007

Video Friday: What the heck is Eugenics?

Stole this brilliant BSL vid from Philppa's blog... do watch it!

- jen

December 5, 2007 - an unofficial advert.

September 29, 2007

Finally! A vlog! In honour of International SL Day...

A rather un-grumpy vlog, featuring Jen, her runaway dog and some trees...

English script:

It's International Sign Languages Day today, and I thought I would vlog from my corner of the world, just to show that, indeed, there are sign languages all over the world.

So here I am in the middle of nowhere - AKA Yorkshire - quite near my house. It's kind of over there somewhere... can you swivel the camera please?


Great, thank you. Oh no, the dog's running off! [LOL] Happy International Sign Languages Day! Oh, one last thing...


August 10, 2007

Statement from Francis Murphy, BDA Chair

At the BDA Congress, we at GOD offered Francis the opportunity to say whatever he liked to our readers/viewers, and he accepted the offer. So, here he is:

... so if you're interested in the BDA and/or Deaf education, get the next train to Southport!


(English translation for non-BSL signers below...)

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June 1, 2007

Best vlog ever


May 14, 2007

Save See Hear!

PS: Forgot to add: Send an email See Hear to to complain about the cuts!

Full English translation:

Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who commented on my last vlog - I was very touched, and didn't expect it! So, many thanks!

I have to say I laughed at the comment about watching me vlog since my hair was short... you're right; it's getting very long now. Oh, well. I also laughed at the comments from those who thought I was a grumpy old man, and I look too cheerful when I vlog. I assure you, I'm grumpy inside, OK?!

And today I do have a good reason to be proper grumpy, because I've heard that See Hear, our weekly Deaf TV programme here in the UK, is going downhill. Terry Riley, the Deaf Editor, has been doing a great job for a while, but I've been told hearing people are taking over and basically spoiling the show. Our 45 minute programme is being cut down to only 30 minutes! And if that isn't bad enough, as from this September it's being moved from Saturday to Wednesday (daytime). What?!

I'm sorry, but I do have a job, and I don't sit around watching TV with nothing much else to do all day, and nor do other Deaf people I know. We have busy lives, you know! This is us Deafies being swept under the carpet again, I know.

So today I am really grumpy, and I say:




I urge the BBC to please rethink their decision and consider us Deaf people.


May 12, 2007

Yes comment!

English translation for non-BSL users:
Another vlog from me in such a short time! I’m doing well… better keep it up!

I just wanted to post about commenting on blogs. Lots of Deafies like this blog and keep mentioning how they think Alison makes sense and all that, but mostly face-to-face, on MSN, via email or whatever. That’s all really nice and everything, but can we try and change tack, and use the comment box more?

It would be really cool if you’d click ‘comments’ at the bottom and reply after reading or watching a blog/vlog. That way, other people can join in too and get discussing things. It’s great! Discussion is what we want. Plus, all bloggers love comments – they make us feel loved and warm inside – if no-one comments, we feel a bit sad and ignored (!)

I’ve noticed more and more British Deaf people are blogging, which is fab, but I’ve also noticed that some bloggers seem to stop blogging, and I think it’s partly because no-one comments. So, I’m going to try and leave more comments on other people’s blogs (you can leave critical comments too, you don’t have to be nice!), in the hope that we can all interact a bit more and discuss things together. That would be good.

So come on and comment! It’s good for the soul!


May 5, 2007

Who said no-one in the UK isn't being active? (But it could be so much better)

Recently I've seen this in a few places: no-one in the UK is doing anything politically.


What do you think a blog is? Why is the definition of activism so narrow? Sitting in the middle of a road is one way to demonstrate, going along to a meeting is another. Blogging about something, and actually having open conversations is another.

Blogging is not the same as e mailing lists. E mailing lists are frequently closed and can be controlled, where the rest of the world is unable to listen in. What's the benefit of talking amongst yourselves, where everyone already knows the information and probably agrees with you anyway? The dynamics are different too.

Blogging might be a bit different form of activism you are familiar with, and causes you to redefine something because goes outside your traditional beliefs or thoughts. However, that doesn't mean that its not a valid form. Yes there needs to be more blogs, this is just one. And it goes without saying, we need more people to be proactive too, and not just restricted to publishing online.

Back to blogs. This blog had nearly 20k visits in April (visits not hits), thus not something to be mocked at. Drip drip form of communication, and perhaps something indirect and constructive can come out of this. And for the record, I don't think we've even began to touch the surface re a potential impact here. I don't see blogging as a soapbox, but a conversation, which you need to participate in to fully get it.

However, the snag: there's not enough UK people being active here, and on that count alone could be interpreted as not enough is being done politically. Its not difficult to have an opinion. If you want to do your bit to get moving over here, one way is to actually set up a blog or vlog and start to enter some quality open conversation, and engage with other bloggers. Each blog is the building block for a bigger picture. Go for it.

May 3, 2007

How to flirt using BSL (not)

Paula Cox is at it again, this time "How to Flirt using BSL":

VideoJug: How To Flirt Using British Sign Language

As a friend said, it looks like she wants to be a children's television presenter. Imagine if some random hearie approached you in the pub, pulling such exaggerated facial expressions. Perhaps the video should be called, "How to turn someone off".

Anyhow, 10p to a Deafie to use a phone? Since when did the phone have a minicom, and secondly, I've never seen a minicom call or interpreter come so cheap. 10p terps, please show me where!

See also: Doing the rounds: How to insult someone using BSL

May 2, 2007

Under construction (kind of!)

Translation for non BSL users:
Hi, I'm Jen, the invisible vlogger! I am guilty of not vlogging for ages because I've been so busy with various things, but anyway, here I am now. I'd also like to make it very clear that I'm not Alison(!)

Alison and I realised it's not obvious enough that two of us write this blog - well, she does most of the writing, probably because she's grumpier than me - so we're looking for a new theme where we can have small photos of ourselves on each post so you know who's posted what. Unfortunately, it's not technically possible at the moment, but this quite nice white theme will do for now until we can do something better!

And I promise to vlog more. It's important that more of us British Deafies get off our asses and vlog more regularly! It's easy!

April 11, 2007



Thoughts on VeeSee over here.

March 12, 2007

Boys, boys!

"Wow", you might think; "three Grumpy blogs in one day!?" - yes, but the two good posts below were written by Alison, and not me (jen). We need a new skin, amongst other things.

Anyway, I've finally got round to blogging on GOD after tooooo long (again) because I am annoyed. (Again).

So what has annoyed me? This has. While I'm very happy to see how happy Deaf Americans are with their Deafreaderships, can we please not keep rewriting history? Am soooooo fed up seeing posts that seem to have forgotten that, although Mr Mayer says the Deafread idea come to him out of nowhere while walking around one fine day, actually, came first.

The weird thing was, was featured in SIGnews a year ago, probably in February/March, because it was launched in January 2006(!)

It doesn't really matter in the greater scheme of things. It would just be polite to acknowledge us Brits from time to time, for a change. Yes we come from a small island, but we do have good ideas sometimes.

So please don't pretend you didn't notice..!

December 21, 2006

Deafies not welcome at Yahoo!

Yahoo! Video is an idiot, and certainly a case of indirect discrimination.

Yahoo! Video states:

"Videos without audio will not be processed"

So that means videos using sign language, which will often be processed with no sound, cannot be uploaded.

December 2, 2006

The state of things ....

Vlog about Deaf UK, importance of Gallaudet internationally, campaign for BSL recognition.

June 28, 2006

Revenge on Stephanie Beacham

Summary: There isn't one, sorry - you'll have to watch to understand!

May 4, 2006

So, was the BSL Recognition campaign all a waste of time?

Watch this vlog from BSL Activist first if you haven't seen it already!

Then watch this!

(You might want to press 'play' then 'pause', wait for it to load and then play again)

PS: The Gally protest still goes on. Deaf-In-The-City-Joe makes (another) very good point about it here.

April 10, 2006

A quick question for Deafies

Sorry it's so blurry! Was asking why so few Deafies blog in BSL (vlog).

TIP: Press 'play' and then 'pause' straight away so that the video loads. When it's loaded press 'play' again.

March 19, 2006

More thoughts on the BSL situation

TIP: See last post!

Summary: Replying to Daz and Alison; what happened to the £1.5m from the Government, what is being done, and who is responsible for what?

March 18, 2006

Happy BSL Day...?

TIP: Press "play" then "pause" straight away, and wait until the line has got to the other end. Then press "play" again and watch it without the stream stopping or jumping!

Summary: A rant about how no-one is really paying attention to BSL Day this year (except people in Preston, it seems)... and a question: should we really bother marking it anyway?

February 20, 2006

Just an idea...

Summary: Why don't Deaf bloggers and vloggers meet up at the WFD Congress in Madrid? Blah...

February 8, 2006

ANOTHER health warning about cochlear implants!?

Summary: Another FDA warning about cochlear implants?! Got this info from Ridor's blog, which links to this Yahoo! news item.

British Deafies protested about exactly the same thing in 2002.

Seems money is more important!?

February 2, 2006

A Vlog for Jesse

Summary: Click HERE to see Jesse's American BSL Vlog! Nice one.

February 1, 2006

Continuing discussion in BSL...

Summary: Replying to Joe, trying to see if we can have a BSL conversation via vlogs(!) Yes, my hair has grown! My name is Jen not Jenny, thank you! And I agree that it seems weird to reply to BSL vlogs in English. MORE SIGN LANGUAGE VLOGS PLEASE!!

January 31, 2006

A Vlog for Deaf UK

Summary: Wouldn't it be nice if more BSL users created vlogs (videologs, like this) to increase the online presence of BSL, rather than wasting energy by shouting at each other on the Deaf UK egroup? :-)

January 23, 2006

A question about protesting

PS: I know BSL was recognised 3 years ago, not 2! Small mistake, sorry!

January 16, 2006

Some thoughts about vlogging in BSL

Summary: English blogs aren't always accessible to Deaf BSL users.